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Our hair is an integral part of our body and personality and reflects our health and fitness. Our style statement depends mainly on our hair. Therefore, it is important that we look after our hair well. Although we often neglect that. And the result is that we often suffer from gray hair, hair loss, hair loss, dandruff and scalp problems, split ends and so on. The fact is, our hair needs a proper diet for growth and health. Although hair loss has genetic links, there are many reasons for hair problems such as diet, general health, hormonal deficiencies, excessive use of hair dyes and dyes, exercise and mental, etc. However, controlling these problems is not very difficult, leading to premature failure Hair loss in individuals leads.

The first and most important factor is undoubtedly the role of nutrition. We should always be aware of our diet card. A perfectly balanced diet is necessary for hair growth and health. Our hair is nourished by its root, which is the only living part of our hair and lies under the scalp. So the scalp provides the hair with the necessary food. That is why it is important to feed the scalp. Therefore, it can be said that a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. In addition, the protection of the scalp is important to combat the problem of dandruff. In fact, dandruff is only dead skin cells that form on the scalp. It is a natural process caused by peeling off dead skin cells. But if it increases excessively, we call it the dandruff problem. And if the required attention is not paid in time, it can also lead to hair loss because the scalp under the thick layer of dead skin can not breathe. The scalp therefore plays an important role in the nutrition of the hair.

Much of the hair is protein. Therefore, proteins are very important for hair growth. All animal products are rich in protein and a lesser proportion is found in all vegetables. Vitamins A, B, C are especially beneficial for our hair. However, excessive intake of these vitamins can be harmful. About 20% of our hair is water. Therefore, it is important to provide moisture, especially in summer. Minerals like iron, copper, calcium, zinc and silicic acid are essential for the growth of our hair.

This is the diet for hair care. In addition, there are a few other things to keep in mind. For example, a shampoo every other day is important to keep the hair clean. With shampoo conditioner should also be used. Good conditioning is not only necessary for the health of our hair, but also enriches our style statement. Regular use of coconut oil is also important because it helps hair growth. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the growth and development of our hair.

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