The care and feeding of long hair

Healthy long hair offers many rewards! The journey is not difficult, but it requires a partnership between you and your stylist.

Step one – careful!
Harm is the main obstacle to the health of long hair: they cause most of their time. The hair should always be treated gently – especially when it is wet. Untangle with your fingers, then a comb with wide teeth. Avoid metal clips and rough rubber bands – plastic tweezers and hair clips are just as versatile and healthier. If you have a heat style, try to reduce the heat and protect against the application of heat. A little more time and care will pay off.

Step two – Get the right help
To grow long hair successfully, you need a stylist who will share your goal. Many women had unfortunate encounters with a stylist “scissor friend” who enforced his will. But other more subtle stylists can sabotage your desire for long hair. Take the time and effort to find a stylist who respects your wishes and works with you. Insist on it before you offer services – it is a good time to judge the stylist. Is he listening to you? Have a plan to help
Are you growing and looking after long hair? Do you seem to be interested in your needs – or is he condescending and trying to strengthen his vision?

If you feel good about a cup, look at how it treats your hair. Pay attention to friendliness and respect – no hasty and rough approach. Ask to look at the back of the hair – and make sure
exactly how much should be cut. If you find that you really need some adjustments in length and you know it well, you accept the short-term loss for the long-term gain.

Your barber should not use any harmful cutting techniques, such as: B .: Use as a slide-cut or shave. These approaches damage the cuticle and will not let it grow long and healthy.

Third step – the products are important
Long hair has special needs – they are older and more porous. Your shampoo should be gentle but not over-conditioner to prevent thorough cleansing. Alternative conditioning with moisturizers and deep protein treatments. A conditioner cream should be used after every shampoo. It will gently unravel your hair and read the cuticle without accumulating it.

You need to experiment with styling products to find the right one for your specific needs. Search for those who achieve their goals without building or drying up.

Step four – you are in good health
The hair always reflects your overall health – so watch your diet and physical activity. Give your scalp a boost by brushing dry hair daily, starting with the roots. Use a natural boar bristle brush with a wood base. This stimulates the hair roots and massages the scalp muscles.

Step Five – Learn to Enjoy!
Long hair offers many different looks. It is really more versatile than short hair! Ask your stylist for a lesson on quick changes with clips and hairstyles. There are many books and videos to help you learn
simple or advanced lichens. If you learn to manage your length, you will find that you value it a lot more.

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